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 Climbing walls

We specialize in the construction of climbing walls and provide their comprehensive equipment. We also make: sports, training and recreation facilities, children's zones, bouldering gym, moonbords, cambus board.

Sports mattresses

We produce mattresses in any size, according to the customer's need.
Our sport mattresses ensure safety while climbing or bouldering. They are custom-made and perfectly adapted to the space. We produce them using our own unique structure but in accordance with the standards in force.

Climbing volumes

They are a very important element of every climbing wall equipment, thanks to them we can diversify climbing on vertical walls, overhangs or in the roof. All you need is a little flat surface, a lot of imagination and you can create a really good path. Their most important advantage, however, is the possibility of continuous translation to any place, because they are a movable element of equipment.

ORholds training equipment

Our wooden training equipment are multifunctional, ergonomic and safe. It enable you to train both strength and endurance of your fingers, upper-body and core. We can assure you that all our products have obtained their final shape on the basis of tests and opinions issued by: experienced climbers, trainers and therapists cooperating with us.

Climbing holds

Climbing holds are the basic element of equipment of every climbing wall or bouldering gym, both indoors and outdoors. Our offer includes a wide selection of climbing holds suitable for any type of climbing panel. Their shapes and sizes allow to create paths for both beginners and experienced climbers.

We offer climbing grips from the following brands:
AGRIPP, KITKA, Digital Climbing, GPR prasas, KANDO

Climbing towers

Our latest product - a mobile climbing tower, ensuring great outdoor fun for everyone. The fun consists of climbing 6 tracks of varying difficulty and reaching the top of the tower with a height of 10.5 meters. An additional dose of adrenaline is provided by the possibility of jumping from the top of the tower to a stick or bag placed on opposite sides of it.