Climbing tower

Our latest product - a mobile climbing tower, providing great outdoor fun for everyone.

The game on climbing tower consists of climbing 6 tracks of varying difficulty and reaching the very top of the 10.5 meter high tower. An additional dose of adrenaline is provided by the possibility of jumping from the top of the tower onto a bar or a bag located on its opposite sides.

The climbing tower construction is designed according to the PN-EN 12572 standard for artificial climbing structures. The panels are made in CNC technology which guarantees an exceptional precision. Our climbing towers are equipped with the certified equipment, provided with the necessary certificates (CE, UIAA, EN).

The most important features:

mobile construction
great outdoor fun for kids and adults
resistant to weather conditions
ease of use thanks to Perfect                   Descent  auto belay

Climbing tower for Mobius FUN

Climbing tower for Discovery Park in Łeba