Training equipment

We make professional system walls of the type;



and extended Campuses equipped with wooden training devices drewniane przyrządy treningowe.

Our offer for; KILTERBOARD, MOONBOARD includes;

  • Wooden structures (including assembly!);

  • Climbing panel with symbols and grip angle marked (which is very helpful when washing holds and reassembling them);

  • Any panel surface color;

  • A mechanism for regulating the angle of inclination with software that allows you to enter the value of the desired angle (applies to Kilter);

  • Installation of grips and LED installations;

  • Possibility to personalize the panel with engraving, e.g. your wall logo;

  • Transport

On our shop you can buy made of wood:
  • hangboards,
  • campuses slats and balls,
  • mobile training grips,
  • power cones,


Why wood? Because wood is the ideal material - durable, aesthetically pleasing and ecological. Properly shaped and sanded, wood is kind to the skin, and the reduced level of friction allows for more effective training of finger and upper body strength.