Climbing walls

We specialize in the design and construction of; 

in both indoor and outdoor facilities.

Our projects are always dedicated to a specific place where the climbing panel will be located. The individual elements are adapted to the parameters of the facility presented by the investor. Each project is preceded by a 3D visualization. Following the latest trends in the construction of climbing walls, our constructions are made of wood, which guarantees that the climbing holds are easy to attach.

The construction is designed individually for each facility, according to the PN-EN 12572 standard for artificial climbing structures. The panels are made in CNC technology which guarantees an exceptional precision and are equipped with the certified equipment, provided with the necessary certificates (CE, UIAA, EN).

Additional advantages of our Panel ;

  • We use T-nuts in which there is no thread on the initial length (4 mm), so that the bolt attaching the climbing grip to the panel always goes straight in.

  •  Our T-nuts have a special coating for outdoor use.

  •  Any sharp edges on the panel are covered with stainless steel strips, which prevent the rope from rubbing off but are mounted in such a way that they do not disturb the visual integrity of the resulting space.

  • The top edge of the panel - is made of two round plywood edges, providing a comfortable grip on the top of the boulder wall.

We also offer a training course for climbing wall operators, which ends with an exam and is confirmed by a certificate in accordance with current regulations.

What makes our panel special:

smooth friction or without friction
transparent or half transparent               colors
reduced shoes marks
UV stable
easy to clean

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Bouldering areas

Climbing areas for children