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PROJECT NUMBER; FEPW.01.03-IP.01-0220/23

The company "BAROCKA PIOTR FILAS, PAWEŁ WORWA S.C." obtained a grant from the European Union for the project "Comprehensive consulting to develop a business model for the operation of the BaRocka enterprise Piotr Filas Paweł Worwa s.c. based on circular economy.

We are implementing the project to develop a company strategy that includes an analysis of the entire company's activity and presentation of the possibilities of implementing solutions in the field of circular economy.
In the project, we plan to purchase consulting services under which experts and practitioners in the circular economy area will provide comprehensive support regarding:
- company audit;
- implementation consulting of individual circular economy areas that can be implemented in order to transform the company towards circular economy;
- identifying opportunities for cooperation with other enterprises in the field of the so-called industrial symbiosis, eco-design, recovery and reuse of broadly understood waste.

The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive circular economy-transformation model for the company BAROCKA PIOTR FILAS, PAWEŁ WORWA S.C.
The project is addressed to company managers who will be responsible for implementing the circular economy transformation model created as a result of the project.

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Project value: PLN 82,781.00
Amount of contribution from European Funds: PLN 82,781.00